Ian Couch was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1983 and grew up in Broken Arrow which, at the time, was a developing city cutting its way into the Great Plains. He currently lives with his wife in the Washington, DC area.

IMG_0848His career started as a writer and co-producer on the sketch comedy show Magic Pants. For nine seasons, the team created fresh material for ninety minute shows that ranged from the absurd to the surreal. By the end of Couch’s run with the staff, show attendance had quadrupled and reviews steadily moved towards greater and greater praise. Along the way, skits that Couch had written went on to win first, third, and People’s Choice awards at local film festivals. During this time, he also claimed first place in the Ruby Courtney Fiction Writing contest.

Moving beyond the show, he took a job developing shows and advertisements at a local television studio. The independent studio lent the freedom to develop original programming, and Couch developed and hosted advertisements and shows for the station for two years. On weekends, he taught fiction classes at Stillwater, Oklahoma’s Community Arts Center.

Old Dominion University’s MFA program brought him to the East Coast, and he served as a fiction editor at Barely South Review and a judge in the Norton Girault Literary Prize while pursuing his degree. He was also given the opportunity to instruct Creative Writing classes for the university.

Ian Couch now lives in Washington, DC and continues adding to his collection of publications.




Ian Couch has previously served as a fiction editor for Barely South Review, worked as a head writer for the sketch comedy show Magic Pants, and written for several television programs. Having taught fiction classes at various schools and received awards for both fiction and screenplays, his stories appear in Papyrus, Clockhouse Review, NOBS, Short Fiction BreakDefenestration, and Drunken Boat. He lives with his wife in the Washington, DC area.